About TAK company

The TAK company is an exemplary entity in dry fruit buisness!

  • Export Of Dry Fruits

    The TAK partners has been operational since many years in exporting of dry fruits from the countries of Afghanistan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan and exports it to Russia, Turkey, UAE, Europe and other countries.

  • Afghanistan

    As Afghanistan is an agricultural country and their national economy is closely dependent to agriculture and husbandry. In 2013 the TAK company has been registered in AISA department aiming to pursue collecting, cleaning, processing, packing and exporting of dry fruits from Afghanistan.

  • Collecting, cleaning, processing, packing and exporting

    The TAK company from beginning of its operation has decided to establish warehouses, procurement of modern machineries for the purpose of processing, cleaning, and packing of dry fruits. The company has initiated to to collect the dry fruits from various provinces of Afghanistan and after its process, cleaning and packing through standard methods export it to their customers in different countries.

  • Creating Jobs

    Currently almost 30 employees specifically the females are engaged in delivering of the activities while after the completion of the company's development plan, the company expect to create jobs opportunities for more than 100 employees.

  • Our Vision

    TAK is committed to widely contribute in enhancing of Afghanistan's national economy and fulfill its role in the given aspect.

    Our vision and commitment are:

    • Creating job opportunities for the people of Afghanistan!
    • Delivery of quality and standard output!
    • Being an exemplary entity in dry fruits business!


The company is responsible for collecting, cleaning, processing packing and exporting of dry fruits from Afghanistan.

Our Management Team

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Jamil Rahimi

Jamil Rahimi


Shafiq Payam

Shafiq Payam


Ahmad Shoaib Obaidi

Ahmad Shoaib Obaidi

Marketing Manager

Sayed Hamid Naqshbandi

Sayed Hamid Naqshbandi

Executive Manager

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The minimum order volume - 1 ton.

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The form of transaction: L/C or prepayment (85%).


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